UPDATE January 2021


Christmas undoubtedly is the best time for engaging in Mission. Unlike in the past, this year we were not able to organize outreach programmes because of Covid pandemic. It is in this context the Christmas Digital Mission was planned. God gave a great opportunity for us to train about 300 people to use digital tools during the Christmas season of 2020.

This year’s Christmas Digital mission was designed to be a very short presentation the Model, Method and Means of Mission. This was done in a way that in a normal Church service, we could motivate the congregation to consider using the new digital tools for mission , in the form of mobile apps and short videos. The training was conducted for various Christian congregations. The digital tools were distributed through a special webpage created for each particular Churches. This approach enabled the Churches to have a very specific and focused initiation of Mission during Christmas time.


The Gift was a special Christmas celebrations conducted in partnership with UCF( United Christian Forum) UCF is an interdenominational forum including all major Churches and Christian organization in the city. The theme of the Christmas celebration of 2020 was THE GIFT. It was a unique opportunity to conduct a Christmas celebration with an invitation for mission engagement, given to all Priests, Nuns, Pastors and Evangelists. The event highlighted Christ as the greatest gift given to mankind.

We were also able to commemorate the contributions of Christion missionaries to the nation building of our country, understanding the great gifts they gave us along with the Gospel they preached to us. Education, Literature, Grammar Books, Dictionaries Pros, Travelogues etc. were a few to be remembered. We were able to present a copy of the book, “Let there be India“, authored by Dr, Babu Varghese, explaining the contributions of Christian missionaries and Bible translators to the nation of India. All treasured this as a valuable gift that motivates us to do our part now in nation building. Around 170 people attended this event. The Bishop of Mysore District, Most Rev. Dr. K.A William was the guest of honour.

The programmes finished with a candle light service where everyone has taken a commitment to to pass on the gifts we received to the next generation and society around us. Each participant was given 5 copies of the Jesus Film DVDs as a special Christ edition for them to give to others who have not had an opportunity to understand the story of Jesus.

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