April 2020


Life and ministry have changed for us in unexpected ways. Mysore is a HOT SPOT and hence under strict lockdown. There are around 100 positive cases in this small city. We are confined to our house, but essential services are available. Ministry has changed, worship services and Church meetings have all changed. Most of our meetings are turned to be online. Internet bandwidth and data availability became so crucial. Certain times we are seeing more participation in meetings, because people can join from their own place. It is almost coming to a situation that this is the new normal.


God has opened a new door for ministry. Our Bible studies and Core group meeting have been moved to zoom video call platform. Many of our core group members have more time at their disposal now. There is an eagerness for prayer and learning the Word. God enabled us to begin a Digital Faith Forum, an online Bible study during this lockdown.

We were able to re-kindle the fellowship and communication in one of the WhatsApp communities for our former disciples. We are doing an interactive quiz program using the kahoot.com platform and zoom calls.

The lockdown gave our leaders from the IT sector more time at their disposal. They decided to help build the website www.lifelens.in This is an initiative came up as a result of the missions hackathons we conducted in Mysore. We are planning to conduct a short film contest, “Arise 2020”, with the theme “HOPE” to engage the students, leaders and young people during the lockdown period.

We are reminded of what Paul described in 1 Corinthians 16:9 “… a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me.”

God is opening these new doors for ministry. At the same time there are security issues, and struggles related to online communication. So we need to ask the Lord to keep this new initiatives to strengthen our ministry.


Both our children, Toby and Tony are at home. Toby is working from home and Tony is attending online classes. Kochumol says “I am the only one, for whom work is doubled during lockdown” She is busy cooking for the three men at home. We also enjoyed the times, when the men joined for cooking. This is been one of the best times we had as a family in terms of staying together and having family alter.

Our parents in Kerala are doing well. Thanks for your prayers for our parents. We are thankful to God for HIS protection over our extended family as well

We are SO THANKFUL to you for your prayers and support for our ministry. It is a great help and so much crucial for us now more than any time in the past. We continue to trust in the Lord who is both Alpha and Omega, The One who knows everything and has promised a future for His children.

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