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Helping leaders live out their calling, reaching and influencing cities for Christ!

What Is LeaderImpact? 

We are a national network of leaders whose passion is for people of influence to embrace their call to provide leadership in their workplace and community. 

We help leaders of ALL faith backgrounds embrace virtuous, principled, transformational leadership. 

We help leaders who follow Christ integrate their faith with vocational excellence AND obey Jesus’ command to “make disciples” in their own sphere of influence. 


Centers of influence - THE CITIES 

Today millions of people around the globe are pouring into cities.  Today's cities are strategic centers of influence.  Cities are now home to more than half of the world's population.  Cities are the hub of commerce and continuously shape society and culture through political discourse, the media, the arts and the institutions of education, religion and the family.


Everything rises or falls on leadership or the lack thereof.  God in His sovereignty has placed specific people of influence in various positions of leadership that give them the opportunity to help shape our cities, societies, and culture.

If God's commission to make disciples of every nation is to be fulfilled and if His people take seriously His mandate to replenish, take control of and manage His creation well, then Kingdom-minded leaders need to step up and answer God's call to be salt and light in this generation in society's most strategic spheres of influence.

LeaderImpact Disciple-Making Process 

1. Discipleship Foundation

2. Vocational Discipleship

3. Ministry Skill Training 

4. Leaders Reaching Leaders

5. Multiplication 

LeaderImpact Community

Forums bring people together.   The discipleship process provides a pathway for leaders to engage in disciple-making.  However, it is a "community" that keeps leaders engaged together.